From the Inside Out

From the Inside Out

From the Inside Out

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From the Inside Out

This painting is the second in the “Looking out the Window in the Age of Covid” series. As time passes and winter slowly edged to spring, a stronger sense of reaching towards hope emerged in this painting. The aloneness of the times, started to grow into a birthing of strength in this 2nd piece in the series. Painting became a feedback loop, with windows opening in my emotional world. Through the painting process, I grew and stretched out towards the unknown of a bright full moon night and saw openings everywhere. It heralded a new creative dimension, born out of the challenges of these times. Hope continues to influence.

Caterina Martinico is an expressive artist, art therapist and creativity mentor. Her work evokes a sense of deep imaginal mystery. Through her creative process she mirrors experiences in the outer world with images from her inner world, creating a unique a colorful, style of insight and inspirational storyline in her art.

Printed on Somerset Velvet paper with archival pigmented inks. Somerset Velvet is a smooth/soft toothed radiant white paper which produces an exceptional depth of color. Somerset Velvet is an acid-free, 100% cotton rag printmaking paper and claims it’s heritage from the acclaimed St. Cuthbert’s Mill in Haybridge, England.


The original is a 24”x24” acrylic painting on canvas

Printed on

Somerset Velvet paper

Radiant White

255 gsm

100% cotton rag



Paper size [Approx. image size]

12"x12" [11"x11"] - $50

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